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Welcome to the
Cedar Creek RV Owners Club

(A not-for-profit Section 501(c)(7) Club)

Congratulations on your purchase of a
Forest River, Cedar Creek Fifth Wheel.

Our Club embraces the same RV experience passion that you do!  



The Cedar Creek RV Owners Club (CCRVOC) was formed in 2005 as a not-for-profit club, for owners of a RV manufactured by the Cedar Creek Division of the Forest River Company.

The purpose of the Club is to promote social, recreational, and informational exchanges and experiences through friendly on-line discussions and rallies.
By belonging to the Cedar Creek RV Owners Club family, you will find we all share the same passion for the RV lifestyle while making friends all across America, Canada, and Mexico.

Join the club for fun and fellowship and should you have friends that own another brand of trailer, bring them to the rallies as guests !!!


The Benefits of Membership

Become a member of the CCRVOC family
and you will find new ways to enjoy your
RV and make friends all across the country.

Membership benefits include:

Yearly CCRVOC International Rally
CCRVOC Regional Rallies in your area
Embroidered rally patches
CCRVOC discussion forum
Travel caravans to rallies
Informative seminars
Vendor presentations
Social interaction with the Cedar Creek Family

CCRVOC “members only” discussion forum:

Tech tips and How-to’s
Rally information
Travel destination knowledge sharing
Campground recommendations
Modifications to trailers like yours
Tow vehicle information
Friendly and non-political

Let's Get ready to Rally!

One of the comments most heard from prospective members, is they might not have the time to attend rallies, due to "life" commitments.

So why join a club if we can not participate? Just so you know, not all of our members attend each rally, for many of the same reasons you have.

Our members reside all across this great country and the Community Forum is the "glue" that keeps everyone together. You can share ideas, ask questions, and when the time is right to attend your first rally, you will cement those friendships through the RV lifestyle we all enjoy!

Cedar Creek new models

Johnny Blankenship - 9/24/2020

New Model Year Changes go into effect

While we were in Indiana in August this year, Cedar Creek announced many changes for the new models that went online Aug. 10.  This is certainly the year of change, and it took all of us by surprise.  There are several big changes.  The biggest change is the outside graphics.  The bridge is gone, at least for now.  Over the last couple of years they have been experimenting with a new electrical system to bring the rv industry into a higher tech upgrade.  In doing so, it was almost a step backwards as all of the light switch's were moved to an app and it became very difficult to just turn on a light.  This year, they have definitely fixed that issue.  They are using a system by Firefly.  This brings the best of both worlds and gives you many abilities that we did not have before on adding additional switches to control different items wirelessly.  Firefly is not new.  It has been used in high end Class A motorhomes for some time now.  

Also new for this year are the merger of the Hathaway and the Silverback into one line just called the Cedar Creek.  The Champagne is still there at this time.  All of the floor plans have been given new model numbers.  This will take some time to get used to.  For example, the 36CKTS is no longer that model.  Instead it is the 360RL.  So much for understanding the numbering scheme.  There are several new floor plans.  The Champagne has a new front windshield in the 38EBS.  This is a very interesting floor plan as the steps are on the opposite side of the trailer and you can no longer just look into the bedroom.  This shows some promise if they get the closet space worked out in place of the windshield.  Now, keeping it clean may be another issue.  All of the Cedar Creek line has a new front cap.  The rear cap has been removed but the addition of upper tail lights has become standard on the Cedar Creek line.  

On a technical side, last August Cedar Creek changed to a new frame that Lippert introduced.  It has been a year now and the reviews are pretty good.  The lip into the closet is gone.  The pin box is now extremely short, (no, the older pin boxes cannot be used), and the weight on these new frames is somewhat lighter.  The pin box weight for sure has dropped a lot on some models.  

They are getting closer to offering disc brakes, but they are not there yet.  After looking at the new lines for a couple of months now, it is growing on me.  The initial shock was they were going backwards.  I'm not there yet.  But I will say none of these would be a deal killer for me right now.  Cedar Creek is the best RV for the money.  

Click below to see the Cedar Creek Models

Cedar Creek Models

Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the trip

Letter from the President

Thank you for your interest in the Cedar Creek RV Owners Club (CCRVOC). As owner of a RV manufactured by the Cedar Creek Division of the Forest River Company you are eligible to join our club. 

The primary activities of the club are local and International rallies which foster many long lasting friendships as we share our RV lifestyle. 


On our member website we have many discussion forums from technical to travel, to just saying "hello". The forums are a great asset and can be accessed once you have submitted and paid for your membership.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us using the "Contact Us" page of this website.

We sincerely hope that you decide to join the CCRVOC.

Safe Travels,


Ann Marie Reckentine

President, CCRVOC

See the NEW  2020 Cedar Creek Models

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